Mensch Announces Senate Committee to Consider Sweeping Child Protection Measures

Harrisburg – The Senate Aging and Youth Committee, chaired by Sen. Bob Mensch (R-24), will meet next week to consider a series of bills to provide sweeping improvements to Pennsylvania’s child protection laws.

The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 24 at 11 a.m. in Room 8E-B of the Capitol’s East Wing. The meeting will be streamed live at the Senate Aging and Youth Committee website.

The committee will consider the following bills:

  • Senate Bill 20 Sen. LeAnna Washington (D-4), Sen. Kim Ward (R-39) Updates the definition of “child abuse” and provides exclusions.
  • Senate Bill 21Sen. Kim Ward (R-39), Sen. John Blake (D-22) Clarifies who is a “mandatory reporter” of child abuse.
  • Senate Bill 22 Sen. Kim Ward (R-39), Sen. Tim Solobay (D-46) Increases penalties for failure to report child abuse.
  • Senate Bill 23 Sen. Lisa Baker (R-20), Sen. Christine Tartaglione (D-2) Updates the definition of “perpetrator” and expands definition of “person responsible for a child’s welfare.”
  • Senate Bill 27 Sen. Bob Mensch (R-24), Sen. Mike Stack (D-5) Improves the exchange of information among medical practitioners and county agencies.
  • Senate Bill 30 Sen. Ted Erickson (R-26), Sen. Richard Kasunic (D-32) Establishes accountability and due process protections for individuals working with delinquent children in juvenile detention facilities and residential rehabilitative institutions.
  • Senate Bill 33 Sen. Bob Mensch (R-24), Sen. Jim Brewster (D-45) Provides employee whistleblower protection for child abuse reporting.

The bills are part of a bipartisan package of legislation introduced following the recommendations of the Pennsylvania Task Force on Child Protection.

More information about state issues is available at Senator Mensch’s website,, or on Facebook at and Twitter at @SenatorMensch


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